Dated: 9th Dec 2022

City: NASTech Summit, Bhubhaneshwar

We have been working very closely with the Telangana Forest department for deploying our AI-enabled platform. It has been our privilege to have met with a number of highly motivated forest officials and individuals who are tirelessly working behind the scenes on conservation of our natural assets.

Due to the large and heterogenous nature of the topology proper monitoring of forest resources is difficult. This is where AI-based solutions can improve the productivity of forest officials. As well as provide a birds-eye view to policy makers.

With constant monitoring and diligence we can prevent poaching and illegal encroachments from taking place. As well as generate carbon credits through carbon sequestering and bio-diversity preservation.

We at ThinkEvolve are committed to the democratization of AI and Open access to research. The project has been enabled by the Telangana Forest department and its officials, as such we will be soon open-sourcing our research.

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