Hyderabad: The Information Technology, Electronics and Communication Department of Telangana has been awarded two gold medals at the ET Government DigiTech Conclave & Awards 2023 at Goa.

The first award was for the iRASTE (Intelligent Solutions for Road Safety through Technology & Engineering) initiative, a comprehensive road safety management system that uses a variety of technologies to improve road safety in Telangana.

The system includes a real-time traffic monitoring system, a driver behaviour analysis system, and a road accident analysis system using Artificial Intelligence.

The second award was for the Wildlife Species Identifications System – Forest Biodiversity Conservation Platform, which uses artificial intelligence to identify wildlife species in Telangana’s forests.

The system has helped to improve the efficiency of forest conservation efforts and has also helped to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation.

The ET Government DigiTech Awards are a recognition of excellence in the field of government technology. The awards are given to government initiatives that have made significant contributions to improving the delivery of government services, increasing citizen engagement, and promoting digital transformation.

The awards were judged based on a set of criteria, including replicability, innovation, and impact. The jury reviewed 370 entries from across India, and shortlisted 160 initiatives for further evaluation under 15 categories.

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