Product and Program Management

Details of Services

  1. Product management

  2. New product Development

  3. Program management – Agile and Waterfall


Big, complex, transformational strategies promise much value — but often fail to deliver fully.

“No matter how good the team or how efficient the methodology, if we’re not solving the right problem, the project fails.” – Woody Williams.

Our Program management helps you make better decisions, enable innovation, raise confidence, solve challenging problems, and provide long-lasting results.

Our Product Management helps you keep pace with your customer’s needs and expectations & sure your products and service keep pace with today’s dynamic business environment.

You might wonder how is Think Evolve Consultants going to you help you. We like to experiment with all possible methodologies for your ideal business strategy, so our choice of methodology depends on how you are structured & we can help create customized frameworks based on various methodologies & industry best practices.

We don’t rush to Agile or stick to waterfall or hybrid of both. Depending on where you are in your journey, we use the following approaches:

  1. Waterfall: It typically flows from requirements following through design, implementation, verification, deployment, and finally reaching the endpoint in maintenance

  2. Hybrid of Agile & Waterfall: By incorporating the waterfall structure with agile, we exercise a hybrid method applicable for your developing product & getting its launch readiness. This approach works and is very suitable for your entire product lifecycle journey, which is not just for the technology development cycle alone.

  3. Agile: Agile allows your company to adopt a flexible and adaptive nature into your company culture. It helps bring a change in the way you work.

We will develop the ideal business strategy for you and your end product, but we will oversee its performance on every major step to ensure that your creation is long-lasting and isn’t something that will go down even if we see significant fluctuations in the market.

Every possible event in the future will be considered during the developmental phase to make sure that what we help you create something that will sustain itself even if the market oversees significant changes. In short, you will be able to exercise independence to a whole new level.

So Let’s embark on this journey together and allow us the opportunity to help you achieve your dreams and goals.